Largest Mangrove Forest

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Gypsy Tours & Travels logo“Gypsy Tours & Travels” is an Initiative to promote tourism and other related people think about the necessity of environment and ecology conservation. It also tries to highlight important spots and events worldwide for tourism sector development in Bangladesh. Gypsy Tours & Travels acts to highlight Sundarban-the largest unique mangrove forest of the world, before the tourists as an enjoyable and safe place. The wonderful flora and

fauna of the Sundarban are the wares and Gypsy Tours & Travels desires to market it nationally and globally. The natural beauty and ecological diversity of the Sundarban are unique. Time and civic hazards transfigure into matchless tranquility and solitude. Tourists-one visited the Sundarban, have opened their celestial emotion and craved for revisit the beauty later.

So join with us very immediately for enjoy the greatest mangrove Sundarban by our flexible vessel on river for understand the impotence of this great forest also about our (Gypsy Tours & Travels) nice service. Please book your name for the package tour immediately.

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Tour Itinerary

1st Day:

We start for Sundarban early in the morning (6.30/07-am) from Khulna Launch Ghat. We reach Dhangmari forest office-(11 /11.30-am) at that time we pay our forest tax and take our forest guard. At that time the boat start its journey the first destination Herbaria Mangrove trail, we visit Herbaria Mangrove trail, then we start its journey the next destination Katka. In the first night we stay on boat at Katka tourist spot.

sundarban2nd Day:

On 2nd day early morning we cruise towards Jamtola by paddle boat or motor boat at 6 o’clock. After reaching Jamtola we walk towards Jamtola Sea Beach it takes round 1 hour to go there, at Jamtola Sea Beach we stay around half an hour. Our return will be on the same trail and will join our mother vessel for breakfast. After breakfast at 09:30 o’clock we’ll join again the paddle boat or motor boat to visit Katka. At Katka we will visit the channel side of Katka and also the Tiger-Tila. This tracking will be for one and half hour. At 11:00 o’clock will start for Dublar-Chor, it could take three and half hour to reach there. At 14:00 o’clock lunch will be served. By 15:00 o’clock we’ll be tracking Dublar-Chor, it’s an island where fishermen stay and dry there fishes. At Dublar-Chor staying time is half an hour. After that we’ll start for Hiron Point (Nil Komol). At night will stay at Hiron Point.

3rd Day:

On 3rd day early morning we visit Hiron Point. We have to use our shuttle boat to reach Nil Komol. We’ll track the side for one and half hour and then we’ll join back journey to Khulna.

After returning Khulna:
The majority of the final day will be spent cruising back to Khulna. You can take an overnight bus or train to return Dhaka.

Special Package includes:
Three days two nights’ accommodation with Gypsy Tours & Travels vessel
All meals during the trip

  • All activities inside the forest as per itinerary
  • Mineral water for drinking during the trip
  • Forest fees & permission
  • Armed forest guard from the forest department
  • An accompanied experience Guide during the trip


Things to Carry:

It will be colder in Sundarban than Dhaka during the winter. So, carry warm cloths …
1. Jackets/Pullover to protect from cold.
2. Snicker shoes for walking
3. Hat/Cap for sun protection
4. Sun-burn lotion & insects spray
5. Binoculars
6. Camera & Films
7. Toothpaste & Tooth Brush
8. Towels
9. Bath Soap/Shampoo
10. Emergency Medicine
11. Flash light

Terms & Condition of booking:

Our advance booking money is 50% of total amount (contact for detail information). Children bellow 4 years will get discount of 50% and the will get proper accommodation. Responsibility:

We will be responsible for the operation of the tours and excursions as mentioned in our brochure under the normal situation. So, for personal accident, sickness, loss of baggage during the tour, delay or cancellation of air flight, any political problem resulting in unusual situation to conduct a tour, etc. we shall not be directly responsible. On the Contrary, will be responsible to extend all possible assistance in overcoming those problems. But the guest must pay any extra cost incurred due to these problems. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend any tour should condition warrant such action. Should such situation arise, a refund of money will be subject to negotiation.

We reserve the rights to accept or refuse any participant as a member of the tour.

Food Menu

Day 1

08:00 : Bread, Jelly, Sweets, Boiled Egg, Tea / Coffee
11:00 : Cookies, Apple
02:00 : Plain Rice, Chicken Curry, Paisha Fish, Mixed Vegetable, Dall
05:00 : Muri-Chanachur, Tae
09:00 : Plain Rice, Chicken Curry, Rui Fish, Mixed Vegetable, Dall

Day 2

08:00 : Khechuri, Fried Egg, Fried Egg Plant, Tea / Coffee
11:00 : Singara, Tea
02:00 : Plain Rice, Chicken Curry, Coral Fish, Mixed Vegetable, Dall
05:00 : Nudules, Tea
09:00 : Porota, Bar-B-Que, Raita Salad, Drinks

Day 3

08:00 : Porota, Lotpoti, Tea / Coffee
11:00 : Singara, Tea
02:00 : Plain Polau, Chicken Curry, Chilly Mutton, Dall
05:00 : Nudules, Tea
09:00 : Plain Rice, Egg Curry, Mixed Vegetable, Dall

For booking or any related query please call, +8801714-076502